Michael and Molly both had their first taste of watemelon today. We're starting to think that they just don't like sweet things. They did great with cereals, and wonderful with veggies, but when we started feeding them fruit, something just didn't work quite right. They detested peaches, making their first (and only) head shakes of "no" to them. Applesauce, the blandest fruit there possibly could be, doesn't interest them. They'll eat it, but it has to be warm, and they prefer that it is alternated with cereal.

But surely, they must love watermelon! They're Southern babies! They must! But they didn't listen, didn't embrace their heritage, whatever. They hated it. We even caught Michael making his "ugh!" face on video.

 So then, we're hanging out in the living room, and I decided to video Molly crawling for the grandparents to see. Then suddenly, Molly decided to do a new little trick.

You're just going to have to watch the videos.