I know, I know, I’ve been slow with content. I need to get some pictures off of mom’s computer, and probably should take some more as well. But Grandma K and Pop-pop are coming in next week, so expect a whole bunch of pictures from that visit (July 24-Aug 2). There’s a whole bunch of you *coughCarlandKimcough* who really need to get down here to visit soon, too.

All of that said, you folks really need to comment. Every day there’s a good many of you visiting, and no one says anything. Plus, I’m getting some hits from some strange places, and from people we didn’t expect to see visiting. For instance… Mango and Sam!! I saw you sneak in. You could say hi! Someone has been visiting from Kent Statewe have a good idea who that is, but would love to hear from you. And who on earth keeps coming here (and to other places online) with an (I took the name of the company out at the request of the lurker type, but I could swear that I’ve seen that IP before elsewhere online… hmmm… I’ll have to think about it) account out of Waltham, Massachusetts? And then Los Angeles? Illinois?

So next time you drop by – um, this time, actually – click down there, yes, right down there where it says no (or one or five million) responses? see it?  and say hi!