Alan’s sister gave the babies these cute little shoes, and tossed in a couple of tiny bears as lagniappe (a little something extra, for those who don’t know). They’ve turned out to be one of the toys that the babies play with most often.

Here, have a look:

Crinkle Bears

Aren’t they the cutest? They’re only a few inches tall, and flat. They’re made by the North American Bear Co., and they crinkle when you move them. The babies love they way they sound, and chew them constantly. Have I mentioned that they’re machine washable, and just keep getting softer? I figured I’d post a picture to tell everyone what wonderful little bears they are, and if you find them, they’ll make wonderful gifts for folks with new babies.

The babies love the crinkly sound. I mentioned that, didn’t I? Well, Alan’s brother and his wife gave the babies an octopus when they were born, one where each leg does something different (zips, velcros, ties,┬ásnaps, you get the idea). So one of the legs will crinkle!! It has a star on it, too.

The other day (and today too, this is why I’m thinking about it), Michael was reaching for the octopus, turning it around to try to find the crinkle. I wasn’t sure that was what he was doing, but he definitely was seeking something. When he found the star, he made it make the crinkly sound, and then looked at me and smiled. Then he reached over, grabbed Pinkly (cause see, his crinkly pancake bear is the pink one, Molly’s is the blue – they exchange from time to time, but that’s the status quo), made her crinkle, and looked at me and laughed. He held it out to me, then put it down, then made the crinkly sound with the octopus!

Okay, okay, maybe it’s one of those moments that only a Mommy can understand and enjoy… but┬ámy Buglette is learning! It’s an amazing thing.

Oh… and he started sitting from a prone position yesterday. Just poof started doing it like Molly did – only better. He’s already as good as it took her a few days to become. Of course, Molly is now crawling officially on almost just hands and knees, and we can’t keep up. She also seems to want to pull herself up to standing, but thankfully, she’s still just able to pull up to knees most of the time.

We’re in so much trouble.