Hair! Friday, Jun 22 2007 

So, due to popular demand, I shall post a picture of my hair. I chopped it all off, you see. It was just above waist-length. Now…

You’ll have to excuse the picture. It was taken in Alexis’ room after I blow-dried it. It’s usually more flippy than that. I also had to play with the color forever, because I was orange with a bright white spot on the side of my face. Yeah. So, you get the idea.

I’m heading to visit Ginny tomorrow. If I fix my hair before I leave, I may attempt another picture. But for now… that’s what you get.


Pictures, pictures everywhere. Wednesday, Jun 6 2007 

An update? What? With pictures? Are you nuts?

Here’s some pictures from Memorial Day weekend. There may be some more coming soon – Mom hasn’t gotten me the other 400 or so pictures that I took that weekend and put on her computer.


In case you get confused (it’s easy when they have little hair) – this is Molly.
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This is Michael, the Serious.
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This is sibling love.
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This is Molly concentrating.
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This is Michael concentrating.
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This is Alexis. Alexis was a bigger ham that the babies.
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Fourth of July. Wednesday, Jul 5 2006 

It rained.

Dad made burgers.

Michael slept a lot.

The kids wore a yellow sundress, a red white and navy blue dress that wasn’t the usual way too short, and a blue stripey outfit (guess which was which).

We shot off NO fireworks this year (yay for that! I don’t think my nerves could have withstood my dad trying to show the twins what fireworks are). Unfortunately, because of the rain, the city fireworks were cancelled. It wasn’t raining at show time, but apparently it takes 4 hours to load the barge with the dynamite light show, and they couldn’t get it done.

Molly and Michael slept from 8pmish until 5am.

Thus ends our big Fourth of July at the Kornacki’s.

Hope you had a good one.

Alexis and the Big June. Thursday, Jun 29 2006 

Alexis has had a pretty busy summer so far – and it isn’t even as busy as it was originally supposed to be.

She spent the first week of June at a cheerleader camp hosted by the local high school. She had a blast, even if for the first few days she was primarily the “support girl” – because she’s so much bigger than most girls her age, she was on the bottom of pyramids and lifts and things. Although she still enjoyed it, she enjoyed it more when she was able to do all the flips and cartwheels and such for the final program of the week.

During that week, she decided that it was time to cut her hair. Alexis’ hair has only had more than a trim three times total now. The first time she donated it to Locks of Love. The next time was just before the wedding, and because I didn’t want her to cut off the 10 inches necessary to donate, she only had about 7 inches cut off. This time, she wanted to donate again. Check out the before and after pictures:

Alexis Before


Excuse the stain on her shirt. She’d had a long day.


See that cake she’s posing with? That’s from her cooking class. Yes, she’s taking a cooking class once a week. The first week they made cake, the second week cookies, and the third was pinwheels (ham, some mayo/cream cheese mixture, herbs, etc, on a tortilla). She’s had homework of taco dip and lasagna. They’re technically making stuff that most of us would consider junk food, but the woman running the class uses all organic products, dairy with no growth hormones, meat without nitrates, etc. The cakes and cookies were, I believe, gluten-free as well. The kids have no idea – yet. What a revelation that will be!

She’s also involved in the summer reading program at the local library, and goes not only to our library’s programs, but other local libraries as well. In fact, today she’s a few towns away listening to a storyteller. I haven’t been too pleased with her choice of books – in fact, we had to bring back the one she checked out yesterday. She likes to think that she’s a pre-teen or a teenager, and it’s hard to convince her that she’s not even nine years old yet. So tomorrow, she goes to the library with a list of acceptable books that she can choose from. Just when I think she’s the easy child, she decides to prove me wrong.

So, that’s what’s going on with Alexis. She was supposed to be in art lessons (which fell through) and swimming lessons (which kinda fell through but may be on the agenda for next month). She’s spending lots of time with friends, and being a typical kid.