I know, I know, we’re awful. I never keep up with this thing, and I really need to. Has it really been more than 9 months since we updated? Yikes. Sorry! Okay, so let’s catch everyone up, shall we?

Alan started working in October as the manager of a local community center. He’s been preaching, oh, it seems like every Sunday, even though I know it isn’t, at churches in the area (“the area” meaning 30 minutes away for the nearest, and I think 8 hours away for the farthest, although he generally preaches in the New Orleans area, about 1.5 hours away). Any more than that, he’ll have to divulge!

Alexis finishes up school tomorrow with their awards ceremony. It’s been a long year. She hasn’t been happy at the school for a long time now (her class has serious discipline – or lack thereof – issues), and she keeps telling me that she wants to homeschool again. So, we’re looking into that. Other than that, she’s been doing a lot of hanging out with her friend, who I’m starting to think is growing an attachment at the hip. Have no doubt, this is a good thing. We love the little girl, and she’s so definitely becoming part of the family, as is her mom.

Michael is our “thinker”, as Aunt Kathleen likes to call him. He likes concentrating on things. He was my snuggler for a long time, but not so much anymore. He doesn’t kiss or hug, but if you ask for one, he’ll give you his forehead. Oh, and if he really likes you, he’ll bite your clothes. Yeah, he’s a biter, but just clothes. He doesn’t generally go for skin. He still has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Molly is our giggler. She can laugh and laugh and laugh. She’s also a monkey. And an escape artist. She’s the one who, when you hurt yourself (or she hurts you by digging in those ridiculously pointy elbows), she’ll run up and kiss you, and hug you while patting your back and saying “awww, awww.” She’s a kisser. Oh yes, she is. She’s also learning that she can pull Michael around by the back of his shirt, tackle him, and love him. Loving him looks an awful lot like Greco-Roman wrestling.

As for me, well, I’m me. I stay home a lot. But I have a wonderful husband, good friends, and I’m living in a house that I mostly grew up in. What can be so wrong with that?

I’m heading to bed. Pictures forthcoming, I promise!